Tina Li


2020, what a year it has been so far! Having graduated from Hunter College back in December of 2019, the first thing I had wanted to do was to travel, so I packed my bags and headed to Southeast Asia early January. What a rollercoaster that has been! From getting into a motorbike accident two weeks into the trip in Bali, to traveling to Thailand, to getting PADI certified in the Philippines, and finally, back home to international borders being closed. Life is certainly full of the unexpected! Born and raised in New York, it had never really occurred to me how beautiful the city can be, and all the unexpected adventures left in the dark, yet to be explored. Through this, I would like to tell my story and the little adventures that New York has given me.

Yes, You Can Go Whale Watching in New York

In the bustling city of New York, one might find it hard to conceive the idea of witnessing something as miraculous as whales in the wild. Located in the borough of Brooklyn is a neighborhood called Sheepshead Bay. There, one can be greeted with the scent of salt water and the sight of humpback whales, the size of a school bus.

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