Tessa Swantek


Hi, I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in the Business of Fashion and have completed my Bachelor's in Marketing. With my business background and passion for fashion, my writings are intended to be creative while also being backed by research. From cutting fabric to create clothes for Barbie dolls to now studying fashion trends, working in visual merchandising, and going to New York Fashion Week, I have had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. Likewise, I have loved New York City for just as long. Every year during the holidays I go to NYC to walk down 5th Avenue and take pictures of the beautiful clothing window displays. NYC never stops feeling like magic. I look forward to writing articles about all areas of the fashion industry including trend reports, brand news, NYFW coverage, and sustainable practices. Thanks for reading!

A Dream Around the World: Q&A with Meagan Morrison of Travel Write Draw

Meagan Morrison is a traveling fashion illustrator who has worked with brands from Dior, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors to Conde Nast Traveler and the European Union. She has traveled the globe to create vibrant artwork that embodies the culture and style of the area. Read for my Q&A with Morrison for an in-depth look into her career, muses, and future manifestations!

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Leaving a Mark: Richard Haines was Here

In an age where the majority of the population has a camera in their phone and where visual images can be captured and transported with a click, what place does an illustrator hold in fashion? Why look at an image drawn by an artist rather than the image itself? We spoke with Richard Haines, a noted fashion illustrator, to understand his perspective on his work and to appreciate art that captures not only an image, but the imagination.

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