Tamara Jennings


I am from the Philadelphia area, and graduated from University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with minor studies in Psychology. I am the proud author of a large collection of personal journals and incomplete short stories that have been in the works for many years. However, I discovered a deeper desire to communicate by writing in college, from various literature/psychology/crime classes that truly broadened my level of thinking and lead to some great discussions. Aside from these topics, I also love to write about/discuss anything involving lifestyle, health/wellness/beauty, world cultures and travelling, just to name a few. Among my other interests/loves are photography, real estate/home décor, nature (love hiking, plants and being outdoors), animals (cat person here 😊), and dancing (I love salsa 😊). I also love to travel and look forward to doing more of it soon. I especially enjoy traveling to NYC whenever I get a chance, as there is always a new experience to be had. I specifically appreciate the city during fall and winter, as NYC has the most striking display of the changing seasons in Central Park. I also find that the city has much to offer in terms of “holiday spirit” during Christmas/New Year.

How to Stay Ahead of the Winter Blues

2020 has been a relentless year. Our normally lively, bustling city life has nearly been brought to a complete halt. I’m sure many of us have done the best we could to enjoy our summer, but I’ve often felt that these erratic days seem to linger on and have imposed themselves deeply upon my social life. Now that September is here, autumn is the start of a different type of change for many of us, leading to what’s commonly known as the “Winter Blues”. But keep reading, and you will find there are plenty of ways to not only cope, but flourish, during this transition.

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