Nistha Shrestha


Hello! My name is Nistha (rhymes with vista). I am currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Psychology at Stony Brook University and working as a research assistant at the World Trade Center Personality & Health Study. My top five areas of interest include art, poetry, music, photography, and linguistics. I emigrated from Kathmandu, Nepal, with my parents in 2006 and have since called New York City my home, cultivating not only my love for this incredible place and its people, but also a keen interest in hunting for new gastronomic adventures, and people watching!

G.N.O in the Midst of a Pandemic

After months of spamming each other’s inboxes with TikTok videos titled “Hidden Gems of NYC” or “Must Visit Places in NYC,” we finally got around to setting a (safe) dinner date at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar last Friday.

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