Lena Zhu


Lena Zhu has been a writer for many years and has written across all genres. She has won Honorable Mention for her scientific paper "Effects of Food Quality and Temperature on Freshwater Amphipods." She also won second place in biography and personality in the NJPA contest with her article published in Kean University's The Tower, "Rwandan Genocide survivor Kizito Kalmia Shares His Story." Lena has an educational background in Communications with a concentration in Journalism from Kean University. She especially loves to write features, fiction and poetry.

Famous New York City Film Locations to Visit

Who doesn’t love to watch movies and TV shows? While many known movies and shows were shot and produced in California, there are a handful of iconic scenes and locations that are based in New York. Ready to take a walking tour of New York City? Let’s go!

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5 Ways to Stay Safe at the Gym During the Pandemic

Going to the gym in the middle of a pandemic can be stressful and cause anxiety for many fitness fanatics. Whether you plan on going to the gym on opening day or two months from now, here are a few guidelines to follow to get your workout on and stay safe from COVID-19.

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