Katie Hill


Hey y’all! My name is Katie Hill, and I am a Georgia grown lover of all things healthy, sustainable, and good for the soul. When I am not spinning away on the Peloton or at the nearest Flywheel, you can find me running along the Westside Highway or exploring the city from yoga studio to yoga studio. I am a happy hour enthusiast on a journey to discover the best vegan eats that the city has to offer. These are my adventures and I can't wait to bring you along with me!

WOOM Center Co-Founder Elian Zach on the Role of Wellness Communities in a Socially Distant Time

How does a wellness center function when those within the community cannot enter a communal, immersive space due to social distancing? How do wellness centers adapt to the needs of the community from afar? I found myself on a mission to learn how places like WOOM Center and those within the WOOM community in New York City sought to evolve and elevate their mission through socially distanced and socially tumultuous times. To find out more, I spoke with Elian Zach, Co-founder of the WOOM Center, Yoga and Breathwork Guide, and navigator of all things body, mind, and soul.

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