Indulge in a Fashion Reverie with William Gooch and Tijana Ibrahimovic

December 10, 2020

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Grab a hot cup of cocoa and indulge in a fashion reverie with Carl Ayers, Cicily Daniels, and Tijana Ibrahimovic.

What happens when you have a successful digital magazine, but you are a forward thinker who wants to up the game? You create a talk show, seamlessly linked to your magazine, and birth a synergistic fashion experience not found elsewhere. This is how Fashion Reverie Talks, the light bulb flash of brilliance from the active minds of those who gave us Fashion Reverie, came into being. Current style stitched together with truth based journalism, and accessorized with some back stage savvy, draws a pattern for a reverie from which you just might not want to wake. 

Fashion Reverie Talks came to fruition in August 2020 and features a diverse panel of fashion industry insiders and experts to discuss the past two weeks of news on from fashion business and trend reports to hard-hitting social justice pieces and exclusive interviews. Panel members include Carl Ayers, Fashion Reverie’s Managing Editor, who specializes in style-based pieces, Tijana Ibrahimovic, Fashion Reverie’s Celebrity Style Editor, whose pieces revolve around celebrity fashion and exclusive interviews, and Cicily Daniels, a noted actress, who brings an outside perspective and added vibrancy through her love for fashion. We spoke with William Gooch and Tijana Ibrahimovic about the birth of Fashion Reverie Talks. 

William S. Gooch III, Fashion Reverie’s Editor in Chief, has an impressive amount of experience in the editorial world and often serves as a guest speaker for the Fashion Institute of Technology. I asked Gooch about his vision for Fashion Reverie and he offers a look into how the magazine differentiates itself in an overly saturated space. 

He also points out how Fashion Reverie was named since the content allows for the reader to stop and think. This reverie is further enhanced through Fashion Reverie Talks in order to promote discussion surrounding fashion content over the most recent two weeks. Gooch discusses the concept behind the series and humorously offers his take on so-called fashion segments on other talk shows.

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In the first episode of “Fashion Reverie Talks,” the panel and Gooch discuss his wonderfully insightful piece entitled Fashion Flashback: Social Protests Through the Lens of Fashion. In the episode, Gooch explains his inspiration for writing the piece and dives deeper into each social movement. Gooch takes an eclectic approach to the magazine as well as the talk show in that he derives ideas from many sources. His background as a ballet dancer informs some of his deeper cultural pieces. This can be seen in his editorial for Fashion Reverie titled “The Nina Sisterhood.”

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Once we turn the corner on COVID-19, we should expect episodes revolving around editorial fashion shoots. Gooch credits Carl Ayers, co-host on “Fashion Reverie Talks” and Ken Young, a photographer, for “taking his ideas beyond what he could have ever imagined.” Ayers’ work is often centered around styling which fulfills Gooch’s need for an expert style perspective. In episode six of Fashion Reverie Talks, co-hosts discuss Ayers’ “Fall 2020 Men’s Coat Roundup.”

In this same episode, Tijana Ibrahimovic discusses her recent piece titled “Political Power Dressing: What Fashion Might Say about Female Candidates’ Political Success.” Ibrahimovic notes this piece as one of her recent favorites to create.

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Ibrahimovic has extensive experience in the fashion industry and has interviewed Oscar de la Renta, Betsey Johnson, the late Joan Rivers, and many more while covering various red carpet events. Ibrahimovic deeply values truth in journalism and states that “some news channels or ‘personalities’ severely affected reporting in a sense that they didn’t deliver news that was backed up with justification of their reporting, and they made it a trend. This is why I am very serious about covering and reporting true stories backed up with facts. I especially love conducting interviews. It is very important to preserve true journalism.” In episode 4 of Fashion Reverie Talks, Ibrahimovic conducts an interview with Deborah Sawaf, Creative Director of Thale Blanc Statements, and displays her effervescent personality and heavily researched questions.

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Fashion Reverie Talks is truly a team effort where the resulting show is more than the sum of its parts due to the synergy between the co-hosts. Gooch and Ibrahimovic explain what each co-host brings to the fashion reverie zoom table.

We are very excited for future episodes and look forward to indulging in these fashion reveries for a long time to come. Get the kettle on, grab a comfy (and trendy!) throw, and join us for the next installment.

Note: The Fashion Reverie family recently suffered the loss of one of its own, Karyn Collins, Editor-at-large of Fashion Reverie, and founding chair of the National Association of Black Journalists Arts and Entertainment writer’s task force. We here at NY NoMad Magazine would like to extend our deepest sympathy. A tribute to Collins can be viewed in Episode 7.

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