Gillian Britt


A dreamer from birth, raised by a supremely logical man and an infinitely creative woman, it's no surprise that New York City's skyline has been imprinted on my mind since youth. As a child, I would stare out the car windows as we sped down Dallas highways, dazzled by the spectacle of skyscrapers, lit up to the heavens. As the air conditioning rushed to ease the Texas heat, my heart would race as well. One thought caught in my head as I gazed up, up, up, to the buildings that pierced the woolly clouds — how can I make it to here? Imagine my surprise at age eleven, when my father spirited me away to Manhattan for the first time. A whole island that touched the sky. I was sure that if I just jumped hard enough, I could catch the molten sunlight, and coat myself in gold. That feeling of wonderment, that astonishment that such things could exist, that such people could live within them, has never left me. Perhaps I am as naive as people like to call me. But the hope that I can touch the sun and the stars, and hold them in my hands; it's the current on which I travel through life. I'm an actress ("No!" You say. "She seems so realistic."), and naturally, one of the most exciting industries in New York to me is theatre. The best artists in the world flocking to one place to create life and spectacle onstage? To quote George and Ira, "I've got to be there!" My first Broadway experience knocked me flat. "This!" My entire being seemed to shriek. "This is what we have been looking for." Since then, I have worked every day so that I can stun some young girl on her first trip to Manhattan, just as I was stunned. I attend Belmont University in Nashville, TN and I am currently earning my BFA in Acting. Belmont has also allowed me to explore my passion for writing, business, and equality. The kindness and support of the faculty and students within the theatre department have allowed me to flourish as an artist. So, as a true theatre nerd, I will leave you with one Shakespeare quote that encapsulates the joy and marvel I feel at the sight of beautiful productions, and New York City. "O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in't." (The Tempest)