Emily Alvarez


Hi! My name is Emily and writing, eating, and exploring are my specialties. I've always been traveling, if not with my friends and family then just by myself. I spent a college semester abroad in the Netherlands, moved to Spain right after completing my business administration degree, and lived in Colombia for a few months later that year. I strongly believe that the most valuable lessons and perspectives are gained when you allow yourself to be curious and explore with an open mind. I'm happy to provide valuable tips, opinions, cultural highlights, and must-dos for exploring New York City and the world around it.

7 Outdoor, Socially Distanced Things to Do in New York City

With September gifting the city with perfect early-autumn weather and COVID-19 restrictions slowly being lifted, now is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors that NYC has to offer — Safely, of course. Here are 7 outdoor activities to do in New York that are relaxing, fun, and social distancing friendly.

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