Elena Hollemon


I'm a Portland, OR native who had the pleasure of graduating during this fabulous global pandemic! I majored in Psychology and Neuroscience and minored in English, which means I am passionate about advocating for and writing about issues related to mental health/wellness. My dream is to move to NYC, become a podcast maven, and work for NPR — but for now, I live in California with my pug and chug (chihuahua and pug mix) and devour all the podcasts I can during my daily work commute. My new quarantine activities include: making a mean sourdough starter but failing to make successful sourdough bread, crafting janky polymer clay jewelry, recreating cocktails from my favorite bars to feel a superficial sense of normalcy, and pretending I can give accurate tarot card readings to myself and friends!

love in the time of corona couple kissing with medical masks

Love in the Time of Corona: Part I — I Started a Social Experiment on Hinge, Then I was Banned for Life. Here’s What I Learned

Is it possible to find love in the time of corona? Here we are, nearly six months deep into quarantine, and the most “realistic” advice that top medical professionals can give us for navigating COVID-era intimacy is to wear a mask and avoid kissing at all costs (no, really). I got on Hinge and asked the sweet users of the greater San Francisco Bay Area and New York City what they were looking for during this time, and whether or not they were finding it.

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