A Look Inside The New Sour Patch Kids Store

September 15, 2020

All Photos by Amanda Amore

2020 has been pretty sour, so treat yourself to something sweet.

NYC’s first-of-its-kind Sour Patch Kids Store is open for business. Located on the corner of Broadway and Bond Street, the Sour Patch Kids Store is a sweet haven for kids and adults alike.

Upon entering the store, you are welcomed by the large Sour Patch Kids Statue of Liberty fixture.

The store is the perfect combination of Sour Patch Kids-themed food, retail, and fun.

The candy mixing station is a large display of individual Sour Patch flavors where you can create your own personalized Sour Patch candy combo — blue raspberry and watermelon for me!

Disposable gloves are available and required for use of the mixing station.

Stock up on a variety of candy-inspired merch, including apparel, plush toys, pillows, soap, lip balm, and more.

Indulge in the sweets bar filled with an array of sour treats. The sweets bar offers a sour take on cotton candy, ice cream, shakes, smoothies, and more. You can even enjoy a sour version of your favorite treats, including Rice Krispy Treats and DO’s cookie dough. Although the seating area is off limits until in-store dining is permitted, you can still order all sour sweets to-go.

Last but not least, have a photo shoot with wall-to-wall instagrammable, candy-inspired décor.

While the store exudes fun and light energy, safety remains a priority. The store is taking safety precautions, including requiring face marks to be worn, limiting capacity to 50%, and requiring visitors to remain six-feet apart. Floor markings and in-store signage provide visitors with additional information and assist with social distancing.

The Sour Patch Kids Store is open from 12-8pm. Learn more about the store and its safety measures at www.sourpatchkids.com/store_nyc

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