A Look Inside How Top Restaurants in the City are Adapting to COVID-19

September 30, 2020

In light of the pandemic, many restaurants have found new innovative ways to serve guests and reopen while abiding by CDC guidelines. Let’s take a look at some popular NYC restaurants and what precautions they’re taking to ensure the safety of their diners.

The Greens at Pier 17 is a very well known spot for drinks along with great food. Located at 89 South Street in the heart of the city, this is a fan favorite for sure. To start, they have built enclosed areas of artificial grass with lawn chairs for each party to enjoy their meal or drinks. Each enclosed space is spread out at least six feet on every side. Whether you want their famed Maine Lobster roll or the champagne brut, The Greens is a great socially-distanced restaurant to stop by at.

Being doted on by celebrities including Kelly Ripa, Casa La Femme is doing a phenomenal job of ensuring the safety of guests by providing dividers between tables that are too close to be six feet apart. I think this is a great idea for outdoor or indoor dining if space is limited and you don’t have enough room for each table to be at least six feet apart. This Egyptian/Middle Eastern infused restaurant is a staple for people in the city due to the romantic, whimsical feeling it portrays. It is located also in the heart of the city, on 140 Charles Street. 

Another beloved restaurant in the city, Mad Dog and Beans, are letting the guests decide if they would like separators surrounding their table. While the tables are socially distant, they understand the need to make guests feel as comfortable as possible during the pandemic. This Mexican Cantina is located on 83 Pearl Street in FiDi, along with 5 E 38th Street in Midtown, for outdoor dining, take out, and delivery. However, they had to limit their menu which now includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas, wings, guacamole and their famous street corn. Along with that, they are now offering frozen or on the rocks margs to go!

Haven Rooftop is taking a more modern-looking approach. This rooftop is utilizing glass separators in between tables. I like this idea because you don’t feel secluded from everything happening around you. When you are surrounded by separators, it can feel quite claustrophobic. On the other hand, some people like privacy. Situated on the roof of the Sanctuary Hotel on 132 W 47th St, this restaurant offers a great Friday night atmosphere. The menu features American cuisine along with a seafood twist with options like lobster rolls, white pizza, and other plates of pasta and salads. 

While separators seem to be all the rage this season, other top restaurants are taking different approaches to keep people safe. This last restaurant is doing things a little differently.

Ampia Rooftop, another well-liked rooftop restaurant in the city, has decided to utilize an architect in building miniature clear greenhouse-type structures around each table. While this is a very costly approach, it most definitely ensures the most safety for diners with its very minimal contact. Located on the third floor of 100 Broad St with an entrance on Bridge St, this is the perfect place for pizza and cocktails any day of the week. Along with taking guests’ temperatures at the door and having QR code menus, this seems to be the safest option that I have heard of. 

While the pandemic has many businesses struggling and shutting down, I’m so glad to see these fan-favorite restaurants back in business!

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